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Recent Work: Mixed Media Collages 2019 - present

“There is friction between the duality of organic nature within confined spaces, and two-dimensional graphic design of three-dimensional matter”

IMG_7957 (1).jpg
Stanton Maxwell- 2007-2009 Darren and business partner Tataiana Osario created women’s luxury handbags, sourced and handmade in Italy using the industry’s best quality materials, based on limited editions and numbered collections.  -	Developed a business plan and raised 250k in seed funding.   -	Designed and developed collections in Veneto region, Italy   -	Sales, press and marketing was based in NYC.  -	Vogue launched Stanton Maxwell in the esteemed September 2008 issue.  -	Celebrity placement with Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams and Katie Holms.
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